StrataMax is an industry specific software programme that provides the ability for a body corporate to manage its records. Financial and other records are contained in an electronic format which includes an online information and reporting service for lot owners.
 SSKB manage the daily upload of information to the online Portal where all owners and committee are able to access information. 

Each night all transactions for the day are uploaded to the Portal by SSKB so that payments, receipts and changes to records are all updated and available to the Committee and owners. All information is secure and available only to authorised owners. The committee can also view and authorise all invoices online so that they can manage payment of accounts quickly and effectively.
Each owner is given personalised pin numbers and access details when they become an owner in the Body Corporate and they are able to log in and view their details as listed below. Owners with multiple lots can also link their ID’s rather than having to use multiple IDs.


  • Personal Owner information including levy account history 

  • Financial Statements for the current year 

  • Insurance details for the current policy held 

  • Committee and General Meeting Minutes and Agendas. 

  • Community Management Statement (CMS) / By-Laws + Exclusive Use 

  • Sinking Fund Report 

  • Asset Register  - list of Body Corporate assets 

  • Submit changes of address / update their details 

  • Obtain a certificate of currency (chargeable)




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Bentwood Estate Community Assocation

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