Bentwood Office Lounge Conditions

Bentwood Office Lounge – part of the cottage




Preamble : The management of the “Bentwood Office Lounge” is vested in the Executive Committee of Bentwood Valley Estate. Under the provisions of the CMS, the Executive Committee is empowered to make rules, or to withdraw or amend them.


HOURS – The office lounge will be open between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm

CONTACT PERSON – Caretaker on site

BENEFIT – The office lounge is for the benefit of lot owners and their immediate family and associates for occasional use.


USE – The office lounge is only to be used by lot owners, or others if accompanied by a lot owner, during the opening hours and for the purpose of making tea and coffee and, undertaking casual meetings relating to Bentwood Estate. A toilet facility is available in the office Lounge for lot owners and their guests.


NOT PERMITTED - The office Lounge is NOT to be used for residing, sleeping or any gatherings unrelated to Bentwood.  

If any lot owner appears to be abusing the facility or using it other than the purpose it was intended, they will be reported and banned


MAXIMUM CAPACITY - The office Lounge has a maximum capacity of 8. On no account shall this number be exceeded at any one time.


NO SMOKING - There shall be no smoking anywhere in the office Lounge or surrounding premises, including toilets.


SAFETY - Nothing shall be done that will endanger the users of the building and the policies of insurance relating to it and its contents.


FIRST AID - A First Aid kit is located in the office lounge


COOKINHG FACILITIES - No cooking facilities are to be bought into the office Lounge and cooking is not permitted in the office.


ALCOHOL - No alcoholic beverages are permitted within the office lounge and no alcoholic beverages are to be bought or sold on any part of the premises without the express permission in writing of the Executive Committee, whose consent must be obtained.


NOISE - Users must be respectful of others in the vicinity, including those residing in the cottage. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum.


STORAGE - The office lounge is NOT to be used as a storage area. Should temporary access be required to store an item, written approval must be obtained from the Executive Committee. Building items delivered to the Estate for the express use of a lot owner’s development will not be permitted to be delivered to or stored in the office lounge area.


POSTERS - Posters and similar material must not be installed in or around the office lounge unless approval is granted by the Executive Committee.


ELECTRICITY - It is the responsibility of the user to turn off all lights, air conditioning/heating and fans and ensure all is left safe, clean and tidy on departure. Failure to adhere to this condition will encounter a fee on your levies.


SIGN IN/OUT - All users must sign in on the attendance book available in the office Lounge and must also sign out on departure.


CAR PARKING - Vehicles shall not be parked in the driveway of the caretakers cottage and must not obstruct access to the caretakers cottage in any way. Parking is available in front of the community hall.


CLEANLINESS - All uses of office lounge premises and facilities is subject to the user accepting responsibility for cleaning, returning everything to its original position and adhering to the conditions of use.  The premises will be checked by the caretaker or a member of the committee from time to time and report misuse.

Bentwood Estate Community Assocation

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